Arting for 365 Day 205: Patchwork


Goal: To create one piece of art each day for 365 consecutive days

I compare life over the last few months to a lovely old quilt. Not a quilt that was well planned and thoughtfully designed with specific colors in mind; but to one that was built from a mishmash of bright hues and oblong shapes.

Such randomness is exactly what makes this quilt both unexpected and beautiful. There is more than meets the eye. A story unfolds as blocks of material combine – narrating the adventures of this time in life.

Arting for 365 Day 187: Feels So Good to be Back Home

11/1/12Goal: To create one piece of art each day for 365 consecutive days

Move fast, cram it in, hurly burly. That is the low-down of my past two weeks. I’ve been out of town for work and while it was great and I got to work with awesome people, it just wasn’t home. So last night as I sat down to create, knowing I’d be back today, I was pretty thrilled.

One of the more exciting parts about being back? We’re spending our first night in the RV! Who would believe I’d be so thrilled to go from luxurious mountain condo to 27′ 1994 RV? Let the fun begin!

Arting for 365 Day 94: Colloquial Uses of the Word Chicken

Day 94 (7/31/12): Colloquial Uses of the Word ChickenGoal: To create one piece of art each day for 365 consecutive days

For some reason I felt like drawing a chicken yesterday. As I started in on the guy, I began thinking about the many, many ways we use “chicken” in our everyday language.

Other animals are not completely forgotten in colloquial English. I have thrown out a “holy cow” from time to time and may have even used the term “horse’s ass” once or twice – but such sayings are a drop in the bucket when compared to the chicken.

Shoot. I think the earliest joke I ever learned was, “Why did the chicken cross the road?”

This leaves me to wonder. How in the heck did the chicken become so popular?

Original and prints available for purchase

Arting for 365 Day 92: Bell Pepper Innards

Day 92 (7/29/12): Bell Pepper Innards

4.75 x 4.75″ Ink on paper

Goal: To create one piece of art each day for 365 consecutive days

Oh sweet bell pepper. Your smooth and shiny outside is a fine sight to see. Your real beauty, however, is found upon slicing you open.

Long, structural ribs form your walls. And your heart, a mass of seeds stemming from – well, your stem – is the poster child for texture.

You, delicious bell pepper, are stunning.

Original piece and prints available for purchase.

Arting for 365 Day 89: Cut Paper Abstraction 4 aka: First Official Project in New Studio Space

Day 89 (7/26/12): Cut Paper Abstraction 4Goal: To create one piece of work each day for 365 consecutive days

It is official. I am lucky enough to have landed some studio space at Rendition Gallery, a local joint here in Ft. Collins! I got all moved in yesterday and am super excited and a wee bit nervous for the opportunity to work and show there.

The downside to this big move is that my time spent working alongside Box (the cat) will be greatly diminished. I do, however, gain significantly more human interaction – with really great artists, no less.

My first official, completed project in the new space was this cut paper design. I feel like choosing to do a cut paper piece was a great decision for yesterday. With nerves being a bit high, it was a good way for me to relax and just enjoy the process of creating.

As for Box; his crying upon us getting home leads me to believe he is not as happy with the situation as I am.

Oh – If you’re in Ft. Collins, CO, over the next six months, stop on in. I’d love to see you!

Original piece available for purchase.

Arting for 365 Day 85: Chihuly Gardens

Day 85 (7/23/12): Chihuly Gardens

4.75 x 4.75″ Pastel and ink on paper

Before leaving Seattle yesterday, we were lucky enough to visit the Chihuly Garden and Glass with our friend and his dad. We had seen some work by Chihuly (an incredibly skilled glass blower) earlier this year, but seeing it out in the garden was really a completely different experience. The colors were vibrant and worked harmoniously with the natural surroundings. I highly recommend you visit if you happen to be in Seattle.

After the gardens, we headed to the airport where I pulled out my pastels and pen, and got to work on day 85’s piece. I used simple shapes and lines to create the abstracted interpretation of the colorful work I had seen. Thanks, Jesse, for taking us!

Arting for 365 Day 80: Cut Out for It

Day 80 (7/17/12): Cut Out for It

11 x 14″ Cut paper

Years back an acquaintance of mine let me know that my ink drawings reminded him a bit of a fantastic artist named Nikki McClure. While her work was cut paper, I think the style of our lines might have been what made a connection for him. I dug that he likened my work to hers, but had no desire to move in the paper cutting direction.

Since that time I have come upon the work of Beatrice Coron and a few others who happen to be amazingly talented cut paper artists. Inspired by the work they do and knowing that I need to push myself to experiment with new processes; I decided to take a crack it.

My initial attempt on this piece was so-so. I was desperately trying for precise, controlled lines with a big ‘ol box cutter like thing (I don’t recommend this but my exacto blade was dull). But after buying new blades to clean up my initial cuts and adding more detail, I found I loved the process. The challenge of manipulating the paper into intricate designs is fantastic! I’m pretty darned sure there will be more of these to come.

This original piece available for purchase.

Arting for 365 Day 78: High on the Hog

Day 78 (7/15/12): High on the HogGoal: To create one piece of art each day for 365 consecutive days

The other day I heard a news report that is pretty common. It regarded big banks (which to me equals a bunch of super rich men and perhaps a few women) who were acting like jack asses with other people’s money. The amount of money these banks had played with and lost was astonishing.

Shortly after that, another report came on talking about Mitt Romney and some out of touch thing he had said regarding money.

Both of these reports got me thinking about the old saying “high on the hog.” Years ago, I imagine saying such a thing meant someone was doing well for themselves – they bought a new car or house or took a big vacation. But what in the heck does it mean today? Instead of one new car, perhaps a few new jets? Instead of a house a block of buildings?  To be high on the hog these days, the hog has got to be sitting pretty high.

P.S. If you don’t want to think of this adorable pig as social commentary, just think of it as “Babe – Pig in the City.” That’s what the boyfriend says it reminds him of anyway.

Original and print available for purchase.

Arting for 365 Day 77: Drawing Post Brew Fest and Late Drive Home

Day 77 *7/14/12): Drawing Post BrewfestGoal: To create one piece of work each day for 365 consecutive days

Yesterday was a jam packed day of visiting with friends and enjoying a brewfest. We had a great time but it also meant I was pushing the envelope to get my daily art piece done.

Nearer to midnight than I am comfortable with, I created this abstracted floral ink piece. Drawing the detailed thick and thin flowing lines was a great way to finish up my day.

Original piece and print  both available for purchase.