Pheasant Feather Abstracted

~3 x 5" ink on paper

~3 x 5″ ink on paper

A studio mate brought in a bag full of pheasant feathers and invited us all to take as many as we’d like. I picked out a handful of interesting patterned ones and some that had gorgeous iridescence to them. This little black and white piece was inspired by some of the patterns seen – although MUCH more abstracted.

With Box Keeping Me Company

Ink on sketchbook paper

Ink on sketchbook paper

The last few days have been a bit hectic with hanging work at a local coffee shop (photos to come) and making frequent visits to the vet’s office to check on sweet little Box the cat, who happened to find his way into trouble. We got to bring him home last night. Today, he kept me company while I worked on my art from the RV.

Drawing with Box Box


Ink on paper sketchbook page

Ink on paper sketchbook page

Repeated patterns

Build a map

For scattered thoughts

They detour though

Down an unmarked road

With rocks

And holes

Thoughts clack against the windows

In search of

A more interesting path