Arting for 365 Day 68: Lone Ball

Day 68 (7/5/12): Lone BallGoal: To create one piece of art each day for 365 consecutive days

The ball definitely sat all alone, but somehow it did not feel lonely. Perfectly content with its rounded self, it reflected the evening light as the sun moved down the horizon.

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Arting for 365 Day 21: Long Neck

Day 21 (5/19/12): Long NeckGoal: To create one work of art each day for 365 consecutive days.

Recently I’ve had a hankering to create a giraffe. Why is really unknown to me. I don’t have a particular love of giraffes and yet here I was planning this large endeavor.

The ink 29 x 12″ drawing took a few days to complete. I once again explored geometric patterning to create the creature.

Fun fact: Symbolically giraffes represent the ability to look into the future and also symbolize intuition.








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Arting for 365 Day 11: Peacock

Goal: To create one work of art each day for 365 consecutive days

Day 11: PeacockA while ago some lovely friends asked me to create something with a focus on peacocks. I was excited about the idea and thought it could be a lot of fun. But as I began working on the project I was bombarded with all of the “stuff” that makes up this beautiful bird: color, lines, shapes, symbolism, more color. I had sketched some ideas and even began a painting, but somehow they weren’t doing the bird – or the friends for that matter – justice. I had to take a step back.

Yesterday I took another swing at the project. I thought about the pea fowl and its complexity. Its bold, brilliant range of colors, lines, and shapes often leaves me in awe. I realized that rather than jumping in with all of these elements to create the work, I needed to break things down. I used black ink on white paper and focused on what I think about when I look at a peacock. The bird is regal and bold with attributes so distinctive color is unnecessary for recognition. I feel the final 7″ x 28″ work exemplifies this.

Now that I have explored the peacock in black and white and determined how I want to approach him, I may give color another whirl. The slideshow below shows my progression on the work.

Peacock Head DetailDay 11: Peacock Fether Detail

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Arting 365 Day 7: Drawing To Reflect

Day 7: Quick Drawings While Reflecting on the Day

Yesterday my boyfriend’s brother graduated with his PhD in electrical engineering – an incredible feat in my mind. After watching the ceremony and celebrating with some great grub and beer we returned home where I began to work on my day seven project.

I reflected on the way too drawn-out, oath included ceremony and the speeches given which highlighted the importance of the new journey these graduates were about to embark on. This got me thinking. How many of the graduates were giddy with excitement and how many were wondering why in the hell they spent thousands and thousands of dollars on a degree that would put them in a job that they recently realized they don’t really like? How many graduates will dedicate their lives to their profession and how many will spend a few years employed in the area only to find out it isn’t truly what they want to be doing (I know this scenario well.)

Whether you take a variety of roads, meander until you stumble upon your path, or choose the straight shot from the get go, eventually you’ll get to where you’re supposed to be. -An idea which inspired these three ink on paper drawings.

Day 7: Detail 1Day 7: Detail 2Day 7: Detail 3

Arting 365 Day 3: Evidence of Box

Day 3: Evidence of Box, Head DetailOur cat’s name is Box. He is much like other cats in that he does a great deal of sleeping and a little playing. He is unlike other cats in that he drools (a fun fact that has nothing to do with this work).

Box works relatively hard while playing – stealthily crouching or hiding in order to surprise his prey: aka “The String.” And he will tell you he is a master at play.

From time to time Box also begrudgingly takes on the role of prey, hiding under the bed to elude wet noses or sticky hands until he feels it is safe to come out. I give him credit. He does a pretty decent job of this and if it weren’t for the giant scratching post we made, some wouldn’t even know he existed.

But as great as Box’s attempts to hide are, he cannot cover all evidence of himself. Stray hair or sheddings of his opalescent claws always seem to avoid the vacuum, and I am reminded that we each leave evidence of being somewhere.

Day 3: Evidence of Box String & Claw Detail

Ink, paper, string, wire and claws on tin canisters. Each circle is ~3.5″ in diameter. I haven’t quite decided if I like them more displayed seperately or together…

Day 3: Evidence of Box