Arting for 365 Day 229: Trials and Tribulations of a Home Alone Cat


3 x 5″ watercolor and ink on paper

Goal: To create one piece of art each day for 365 consecutive days

It’s a sad life for the neglected cat. Sleeping and eating can only distract for so long. And that ball of yarn lacks entertainment without a human controlling its end.

So you sit and wait. Moping or pacing impatiently until that door finally opens and the humans finally give you the attention you deserve. You purr and snuggle in close. Until you remember…they LEFT you. All day. So you snub them for a moment or two – perhaps taking your anger out on an errant foot swinging above. That will show them you think as you quickly take your place on the nearest lap.

Arting for 365 Day 70: Serious Business

4 x 5″ Ink on Paper

Yesterday I decided to draw a self-portrait to replace my avatar. I sat in front of the mirror and held still as my pencil moved across the paper. I worked and worked, but I just wasn’t feeling it. Original idea nixed. Cat character idea adopted.

The goal in drawing the character was to capture a cat’s no-nonsense personality using human characteristics. Most cats- our cat, Box included- seem to take every endeavor quite seriously. From getting in the middle of whatever project we are working on to chasing string, it is all done with complete focus. The cat is all business, while we laugh at his ridiculousness.

Box is such an inspiration!

This original piece available for purchase at

Prints available too!

Arting 365 Day 3: Evidence of Box

Day 3: Evidence of Box, Head DetailOur cat’s name is Box. He is much like other cats in that he does a great deal of sleeping and a little playing. He is unlike other cats in that he drools (a fun fact that has nothing to do with this work).

Box works relatively hard while playing – stealthily crouching or hiding in order to surprise his prey: aka “The String.” And he will tell you he is a master at play.

From time to time Box also begrudgingly takes on the role of prey, hiding under the bed to elude wet noses or sticky hands until he feels it is safe to come out. I give him credit. He does a pretty decent job of this and if it weren’t for the giant scratching post we made, some wouldn’t even know he existed.

But as great as Box’s attempts to hide are, he cannot cover all evidence of himself. Stray hair or sheddings of his opalescent claws always seem to avoid the vacuum, and I am reminded that we each leave evidence of being somewhere.

Day 3: Evidence of Box String & Claw Detail

Ink, paper, string, wire and claws on tin canisters. Each circle is ~3.5″ in diameter. I haven’t quite decided if I like them more displayed seperately or together…

Day 3: Evidence of Box