Arting 365 Day 7: Drawing To Reflect

Day 7: Quick Drawings While Reflecting on the Day

Yesterday my boyfriend’s brother graduated with his PhD in electrical engineering – an incredible feat in my mind. After watching the ceremony and celebrating with some great grub and beer we returned home where I began to work on my day seven project.

I reflected on the way too drawn-out, oath included ceremony and the speeches given which highlighted the importance of the new journey these graduates were about to embark on. This got me thinking. How many of the graduates were giddy with excitement and how many were wondering why in the hell they spent thousands and thousands of dollars on a degree that would put them in a job that they recently realized they don’t really like? How many graduates will dedicate their lives to their profession and how many will spend a few years employed in the area only to find out it isn’t truly what they want to be doing (I know this scenario well.)

Whether you take a variety of roads, meander until you stumble upon your path, or choose the straight shot from the get go, eventually you’ll get to where you’re supposed to be. -An idea which inspired these three ink on paper drawings.

Day 7: Detail 1Day 7: Detail 2Day 7: Detail 3

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