Arting for 365 Day 249: Drips

3 x 5" ink on paper

3 x 5″ ink on paper

Goal: To create one piece of art each day for 365 consecutive days

“Did you leave a drip?”

“Do we need a drip?”

“Do we need two drips?”

“Do you hear that drip?”

Drips, it turns out, are a big part of our lives these days. A strange statement I know, but all too true. As temperatures have dropped below zero over the last few weeks it has been a necessary precaution to leave a drip running in the sinks of Gertie, our RV/house. When these initial cold temps hit, we sometimes forgot the drip and woke up to frozen pipes.

For the most part drips are a sweet sound that indicate good things. That is unless the drip is heard outside.  Then things turn a bit more sour. An outside drip, as we recently discovered, indicates a broken pipe.

The adventures never cease!

Arting for 365 Day 196: An RV, a Cat, and Good Times With Friends


3 x 5″ watercolor and ink on paper

Goal: To create one piece of art each day for 365 consecutive days

It was a big day for us yesterday. We took our first road trip in Gertrude – our new home/RV! Although the Wyoming wind did shake us around a bit, overall the trip was smooth as a baby’s butt.

Box, the cat, handled the drive as decently as you would expect a feline might (not great – but he also didn’t pee or puke anywhere, which is a win in my book).

And eventually we made it to our friends house where we enjoyed dinner and a fabulous night of board games and dancing. All in all, an excellent adventure!

Arting for 365 Day 157: Holy Crap, We Bought an RV…To Live In

Day 157 (10/2/12):  Holy Crap, We Bought an RV... To Live InGoal: To create one piece of art each day for 365 consecutive days

For awhile now the boyfriend has expressed his dream of living in an RV and a few months ago we even started looking at them semi-seriously. As our lives continued to get ever more busy, though, we decided to put the idea on the backburner. That is until last week. Last week we received a letter explaining our rent would be going up. While the amount wasn’t a huge increase, I wasn’t pleased. I was ready to move. The issue lay in that the boyfriend hates moving and firmly stated that their raising the rent was not enough to get him to move again. “What if we moved into an RV?” I asked, feeling relatively certain I’d know my answer.

Sure enough, this past weekend we bought an old 1994 Winnebago Itasca Sunrise! She (Gertrude as named by the previous owner) is a beauty, seems to run like a dream and is a hoot to drive as long as you are not in Denver traffic. I can’t wait to start our adventures with her – the first being winterizing Gerty for the upcoming months in Colorado. I can’t say we are the wisest people for taking on RV living as winter is moving in, but heck, no one ever said adventurous and wise go hand in hand.