Piano Deadline is Just Around the Corner

micah sideI took Saturday off from piano painting to enjoy a sour beer festival, but was right back at it again today. The weather was hot, but under the shade of the canopy, life was good. I met more great folks and was entertained by a really fun bluegrass band, Blue Grama, who was playing as a part of Streetmosphere.

The piano is nearing finished. A bit of color here and some touching up there -is about all that is left to be done.

Micah and Lela

I got a little help on Friday.
Photo Credit: Mary Fleming

Micah Back

Day 8 of Piano Painting

Day 8

Day 8

Piano painting for the City of Fort Collins’ Art in Public Places – Pianos About Town Program continues to be a delight! I have quite a bit of work to do, but feel like the deadline of  Tuesday is completely doable.

I thought I’d share one of the more humorous and interesting conversations I’ve had while painting. It went something like this:

Girl: Do you happen to know where any dispensaries [marijuana] are?

Me: No. I actually don’t think there are any up and running yet because the city is still working to figure out some of the logistics. But I really don’t know for sure.

Guy: Wow. We looked at your painting and thought for sure you would know about all of that.

Day 8 Back

Day Three of Piano Painting

Workin in Progress: Day 3

Work in progress: Day 3

I think I’ve enjoyed chatting with people who stop by as I paint almost as much as I’ve enjoyed painting. Over the course of 3 days I’ve met folks from Canada, Chicago, Texas, Arkansas, California and who knows where else. My ears have had the joy of listening to incredible pianists and I’ve been lucky enough to have had a young apprentice named Mirabella do a little painting for me today. Two gentlemen sat and talked with me on day two for a long time and now I have new acquaintances!  So far this experience has been pretty great!

Mike and David

My new acquaintances, Mike and David




Priming a Piano and Drawing on Walls

me day 1 farThe next few weeks are going to be full of piano painting! The City of Fort Collins’ implements their Pianos About Town program to promote art and music around the city. They hire local artists to work on donated pianos for a two week chunk of time. The pianos are then placed around town for people to play.

Original PianoPrimed PianoYesterday I was able to get my piano fully primed (the pink and mint green won’t stay) and ready to go. I must admit I felt a smidge guilty about painting over such lovely wood, but the brightly colored pianos really do liven up downtown.

On another note:

Before heading out to start on my piano yesterday, I made some art on the studio’s bathroom wall. I kept imaging a little man’s head in the black chalk bubble and so decided to draw the guy out.

Man in BathroomI’ll call him my art for yesterday.

Man in Bathroom full wall