Priming a Piano and Drawing on Walls

me day 1 farThe next few weeks are going to be full of piano painting! The City of Fort Collins’ implements their Pianos About Town program to promote art and music around the city. They hire local artists to work on donated pianos for a two week chunk of time. The pianos are then placed around town for people to play.

Original PianoPrimed PianoYesterday I was able to get my piano fully primed (the pink and mint green won’t stay) and ready to go. I must admit I felt a smidge guilty about painting over such lovely wood, but the brightly colored pianos really do liven up downtown.

On another note:

Before heading out to start on my piano yesterday, I made some art on the studio’s bathroom wall. I kept imaging a little man’s head in the black chalk bubble and so decided to draw the guy out.

Man in BathroomI’ll call him my art for yesterday.

Man in Bathroom full wall

7 thoughts on “Priming a Piano and Drawing on Walls

  1. I love those outdoor pianos! Wandering about downtown Denver last week (2 arts fairs at once!!!), it was cool to hear the music rather than the proselytizing and city noise that I remember from years ago.

    Keep us updated on the piano! I’m looking forward to visiting Fort Collins and saying, “I know where that art came from!”

  2. Pianos About Town is something I always show out of town guests, so cool. I will check yours out! Also, it was so crazy to see those chalkboard bubbles because I used to write in them too!

  3. Wonderful! I moved to Fort Collins about a year and a half ago and came upon all of the pianos and transformer boxes and loved them. I’ve had so many out of town people ask me about the program as I’ve painted too – such a great ideas!

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