Day 8 of Piano Painting

Day 8

Day 8

Piano painting for the City of Fort Collins’ Art in Public Places – Pianos About Town Program continues to be a delight! I have quite a bit of work to do, but feel like the deadline of  Tuesday is completely doable.

I thought I’d share one of the more humorous and interesting conversations I’ve had while painting. It went something like this:

Girl: Do you happen to know where any dispensaries [marijuana] are?

Me: No. I actually don’t think there are any up and running yet because the city is still working to figure out some of the logistics. But I really don’t know for sure.

Guy: Wow. We looked at your painting and thought for sure you would know about all of that.

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14 thoughts on “Day 8 of Piano Painting

  1. It’s looks great so far, Micah. You at least have a great sense of humour. But it’s funny the things we use to judge people by, or rather the things people use to judge us. :-)//mm

  2. Humans – We do have a tendency to put a lot of weight in first impressions. Thanks for the comment!

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