Arting for 365 Day 52: Mountain Girl

8 x 10″ Mixed Media: Ink and watercolor

With her southern drawl you’d never peg her as a mountain girl. Surely she would feel more comfortable in the Tennessee heat. Such an assumption would be wrong.

Instead she flees to the trails and enjoys the cool, crisp air that is present at elevations of this magnitude. She insists on collecting antlers, and skins, and anything woodsy; and saves the branches from fall trees to adorn her cabin for special occasions.

While she sits on her porch, sipping coffee from her earth colored mug, she delights in the fact that the deer nibbling on the grass in front of her will be back tomorrow. Because that is how it is in the mountains.

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Arting for 365 Day 51: All a Part of the Plan

Day 51 (6/18/12): All a Part of the Plan

8 x 10″ Mixed Media: Ink & Watercolor

The elaborate scheme to capture the bug was foolproof. The man had hidden among the flowers for days, logging the flight pattern of the curious little creature he now watched. He laid low in the grass, peeking through thin blades in anticipation. Timing the gentle pinch of the puppet fingers was key. He had successfully pinched stray Cheerios in midair hundreds of times, so his confidence was not lacking.

With veteran-like skill, the man moved the strings. The puppet fingers stopped the bug in its tracks. The helpless animal buzzed madly.

The man, with pride in his incredible plan, smiled from ear to ear.  With another switch of the strings, he released the animal, and thought about what it was he might do next.

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Arting for 365 Day 49: Locks

Day 49 (6/16/12): Bangs

4 x 5″ Mixed Media (Hair – both straight and braided), ink and thread

My friend Mary cut my hair for me yesterday – chopping off a good six inches from my front locks to give me bangs. She did a great job and it was fun to see such a big chunk disappear. She asked what I wanted to do with the hair, and at first I thought, throw it away. But instead I asked her to set it aside.

I’d like to say that I get why people may want to keep a soft ringlet from their baby’s first haircut, or that keeping the 20 inches of hair that they chopped off long ago is kind of fun or sentimental. But if I’m going to be perfectly honest. I don’t get it. Perhaps this is because I’ve never had a baby and never really been attached to my hair. To me, stray hairs are kind of gross. I don’t like finding them in the sink or the bathtub, so why in the world would I actually want to keep them?

Using the remains of my haircut and some ink, I opted to explore the strangeness of keeping locks of hair for day 49’s piece. I was a bit grossed out while manipulating the hair but I actually really like the design. Even at that, I don’t think there is a big buyer’s market for this one on Etsy.

Arting for 365 Day 45: Attachment

Day 45 (6/12/12): Attachment

~5.5″ cirmcumfrence x 3″ Mixed Media: Seeds, egg shell, ink, paper and lid

It’s funny, the things we get attached to. A lovely blue water bottle whose lid sometimes leaks or an old shirt with holes here and there may seem average, but they are anything but. We worry about them if they are misplaced and are quick to defend their value.

I think for most of us it is not so much the “thing” we get attached to as the memories and feelings we get that are associated with the thing. This, I realize, is why I seem to have become a bit attached to the little seeds I collected weeks ago.

Each time I pull them out to work with I am reminded of the jog we were on when we picked them off the ground. I remember feeling so excited about the prospect of making something from the found little treasures. When I create using the little seeds, I always feel very calm and at ease – enjoying the simple act of building up form.

The seeds are now dwindling. I’ll be able to eke out one more piece if I’m lucky. After that, I’ll have to wait in anticipation for another year to roll around so I can once again collect them.

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Arting for 365 Day 43: Wired for Empathy

Day 43 (6/10/12): Yawn for Empathy

~5.75 x 2 x 3″ Mixed Media

Goal: To create one work of art each day for 365 consecutive days

As I was piddling around, trying to figure out what in the heck I was going to create for day 43’s project, I decided to turn on a Ted talk. I chose a presentation by Frans de Waal titled Moral Behavior in Animals. The talk seemed pretty interesting and chimps, which always promise to be adorable, were going to have a role in it.

De Waal had lots of good info, but what stuck with me most was a very minor piece about yawn contagion. Turns out that those contagious yawns we experience are partly due to people being empathetic. De Waal presented a study proving that chimps are not immune to contagious yawns either, helping to prove that they too experience empathy. I was amazed by the whole idea.

I began looking for images of yawning people and came across a picture of a yawning baby. It turns out, that while babies yawn, they don’t experience contagious yawning. This fact got me thinking about the relationship between human and chimp. I wanted to explore the idea of adult chimps being more human than humans at certain stages of life- at least in terms of morality.

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Arting for 365 Day 40: A Map to Blackberries

Day 40 (6/7/12): A Map to Blueberries

6 x 6″ Blackberry juice, ink and oil pastel on paper

Goal: To create one work of art each day for 365 consecutive days

Once a week, the boyfriend and I make a date for coffee. Afterwards he drives off to his job, while I walk home to begin my day’s work. Typically the route I take involves some jay-walking, a trek through an industrial lot whose “Do Not Trespass” sign does not apply to me, and a jaunt across railroad tracks. I then say hi to workers who are loading up Farmers Brother’s Coffee and stroll a few more blocks home. It’s a route that I really enjoy because it is a bit off the beaten path.

Yesterday, due to my jay-walking street being incredibly busy, I had to take a more traditional route home. I started my way down a less adventurous, super trafficky street and to my surprise I came across a blackberry bush. Jackpot! I picked a handful of berries and later picked a white bud from a tree to use in day 40’s project.

Smeared blackberry juice, and drawn images of the white flower and a map to the berries complete the piece. Hand written directions are on back -complete with cross outs and edits.

Map to Blueberries Detail This piece available to purchase at or by emailing me at

Arting for 365 Day 34: A Place to Rest Your Beer

Day 34 (6/1/12): A Place to Rest Your BeerGoal: To create one work of art each day for 365 consecutive days

Friday’s may become my official coaster creation days. It seems the perfect day for it. My brain is working its way toward weekend mode  – thinking about the time I will get to spend with family or friends, time spent outdoors, with perhaps a summer beverage thrown in for good measure.  Basically, I typically feel like creating something fun.

Day 34 was filled with simple, bold designs using bright colors and cut up envelopes. I once again used old Sierra Nevada paper coasters to build on. When finished, I did my due diligence, ensuring that they work by testing them out with a glass of beer!

Day 34: A Place to Rest YOur Beer Detail 1Day 34: A Place to Rest Your Beer Detail 2Day 34: A Place to Rest Your Beer Beer Detail

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Arting for 365 Day 31: Pope’s Bag of Tricks

Goal: To create one work of art each day for 365 consecutive days

Day 31 (5/29/12): Pope's Bag of TricksDay 31: Pope's Bag of Tricks Disguise










The Pope must have a great bag of tricks. He’s somehow avoided trouble that most of us would undoubtedly run into if we were associated with all of the wrong-doings of a company/government/religion as large and impactful as his. I surmise the Vatican, and perhaps Mr. Pope, have come up with a few devices to steer him clear of any implication of wrong doings.

Vatican -Packed Pope’s Bag of Tricks Contains:

Mitre (big fancy ceremonial hat) – Perfect for storing top secret documents  -when he remembers to hide them there. This version happens to be adorned with birth control pills, which are great for decoration, just don’t plan on using them.

Male Symbol Necklace: Reminds us all of just who’s in charge. It may also have super powers.

Glasses & Big Mustache Disguise: If you can’t see him, you can’t blame him.

High Octane Bible: A little extra God juice under the robe.

I feel like the Vatican has got a great product line going here. Perhaps to bring in a bit of extra income, they should think about selling these products in a gift basket.

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9 x 2.5″ Mixed Media

Arting for 365 Day 27: Trust Me. I’m Gorgeous. The Internet Told Me So.

Day 27 (5/25/12): Trust Me, I'm Gorgeous. The Internet Told Me So.

Goal: To create one work of art each day for 365 consecutive days

I’ve been thinking lately about who, or what, determines what is trendy or cool. What makes a product or venture take off? Why is it that the giant sunglasses of the 60s were laughed at in the 90s and then made a comeback as the next best thing? Why are people so adamant that one product or company or vintage is so much better than another? (Really awesome related story). Perhaps it is easier to be told what to like and go with it, rather than really think about why we may or may not like something. I explored this idea for day 27. I chose to draw a sleek, Doberman Pincher in which I adorned with beads, a coffee filter skirt, and dazzling hand-cut tops. The back of the dress-up doll is crude and messy with only a note that lets us know what we should think of the creation. “Trust Me. I’m Gorgeous. The Internet Told Me So.”



Day 27: Trust Me I'm Gorgeous Head Detail


Trust Me Back of Head Detail

Arting for 365 Day 22: Topographic Trash

Day 22 (5/21/12): Topographic TrashGoal: To create one work of art each day for 365 consecutive days

As I picked up yesterday’s art material from off of the ground I wondered how smart of a move it was. It was ragged, torn and initially, just looked a bit unsanitary. But upon closer inspection, I realized it – which seems to be some sort of paper- had just been weathered by the recent rain.

I glued my newly found trash-treasure to an 8 x 10” oil board and applied paint to the grooves and mountains of the tattered, island shaped paper. Breaking up the space surrounding it, I painted lines and shapes that made their way onto the weathered surface. I thought that perhaps I could make a beautiful piece from this worn paper but as I worked with it, I realized it had a personality all its own. No matter how much paint I applied, it was going to stay worn and ragged. There was no “prettying” it up. And for some reason, I am perfectly content with that.

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