Arting for 365 Day 31: Pope’s Bag of Tricks

Goal: To create one work of art each day for 365 consecutive days

Day 31 (5/29/12): Pope's Bag of TricksDay 31: Pope's Bag of Tricks Disguise










The Pope must have a great bag of tricks. He’s somehow avoided trouble that most of us would undoubtedly run into if we were associated with all of the wrong-doings of a company/government/religion as large and impactful as his. I surmise the Vatican, and perhaps Mr. Pope, have come up with a few devices to steer him clear of any implication of wrong doings.

Vatican -Packed Pope’s Bag of Tricks Contains:

Mitre (big fancy ceremonial hat) – Perfect for storing top secret documents  -when he remembers to hide them there. This version happens to be adorned with birth control pills, which are great for decoration, just don’t plan on using them.

Male Symbol Necklace: Reminds us all of just who’s in charge. It may also have super powers.

Glasses & Big Mustache Disguise: If you can’t see him, you can’t blame him.

High Octane Bible: A little extra God juice under the robe.

I feel like the Vatican has got a great product line going here. Perhaps to bring in a bit of extra income, they should think about selling these products in a gift basket.

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9 x 2.5″ Mixed Media

Arting for 365 Day 27: Trust Me. I’m Gorgeous. The Internet Told Me So.

Day 27 (5/25/12): Trust Me, I'm Gorgeous. The Internet Told Me So.

Goal: To create one work of art each day for 365 consecutive days

I’ve been thinking lately about who, or what, determines what is trendy or cool. What makes a product or venture take off? Why is it that the giant sunglasses of the 60s were laughed at in the 90s and then made a comeback as the next best thing? Why are people so adamant that one product or company or vintage is so much better than another? (Really awesome related story). Perhaps it is easier to be told what to like and go with it, rather than really think about why we may or may not like something. I explored this idea for day 27. I chose to draw a sleek, Doberman Pincher in which I adorned with beads, a coffee filter skirt, and dazzling hand-cut tops. The back of the dress-up doll is crude and messy with only a note that lets us know what we should think of the creation. “Trust Me. I’m Gorgeous. The Internet Told Me So.”



Day 27: Trust Me I'm Gorgeous Head Detail


Trust Me Back of Head Detail

Day 1: Eggs & an Elephant

Now that unemployment and I have gotten to be such close friends, “What am I going to do with my life?” is a question that frequently interrupts my thoughts.  And while I have come to no clear conclusion, it seems that making stuff should definitely be a part of the equation. What better way to commit to this vague goal than by creating something every day.

My first official day of this endeavor was yesterday (4/29/12). Inspired by the shapes within and moldability (my made up word) of an egg carton, I created this geometric elephant head. He’s about 15″ x 11″, painted acrylic.

Let the making stuff begin!

Elephant Day 1