Continuing On: Pierced Paper on a Large Scale

Centered foliage 3

Progress continues to be made on this 5′ tall piece. I work from the back so the texture won’t be seen until I flip the work over. That is when I will also add color.

Centered large step 3Initially, I wasn’t completely pleased with the tightness of the piece, but the more I work on it, the happier I am with the direction it is headed.

Centgered buds detail 3Centered Roots detail 3


Starting in on the Big Guy

Centered detail top step 2

In my previous post I mentioned that I hoped to turn my smaller pierced paper work into something a bit larger. I am happy to say I have begun on this 5′ tall endeavor!

Centered large step 22

All of the images are taken from the backside (working side). Typically I flip the piece I am working on over many times to see how it is coming along. With something this size though, that won’t really happen until I feel like I am close to done with the piercing.

Centered detail roots step 2

Color will also be added eventually.

Centered 1 large

Step one

Centered detail step 1

Arting for 365 Day 341: Celestial Locomotive

Day 341, 8 x 10" watercolor, ink and pierced paper

Day 341, 8 x 10″ watercolor, ink and pierced paper

Goal: To create one  piece of art each day for 365 consecutive days

Roger Ebert, a fixture in the critic’s world, passed away yesterday. I can’t say I was an avid, or even semi-avid, watcher of Siskel and Ebert or At the Movies. I can probably count the number of times I’ve seen the show on both hands and read Ebert’s reviews from time to time. So why am I talking about him? Because yesterday I read an incredible piece he wrote re-printed by that discussed his views on death. It nearly had me in tears it was so lovely.

Inspired by his thougthful words, I created this simple, ethereal piece.

Day 341 Celestial Locomotive Detail