Revealing Texture

Flipped top tree

I finally got to a point on the 5′ pierced paper piece that I felt I could remove it from the wall and flip it over. While there is still work to be done, it is getting oh-so-close to be ready to take some color!

Figuring out how exactly I will hang and display it is a whole other matter.

Flipped 3Flipped 5 cropped Flipped 4 Flipped 2

Continuing On: Pierced Paper on a Large Scale

Centered foliage 3

Progress continues to be made on this 5′ tall piece. I work from the back so the texture won’t be seen until I flip the work over. That is when I will also add color.

Centered large step 3Initially, I wasn’t completely pleased with the tightness of the piece, but the more I work on it, the happier I am with the direction it is headed.

Centgered buds detail 3Centered Roots detail 3


Starting in on the Big Guy

Centered detail top step 2

In my previous post I mentioned that I hoped to turn my smaller pierced paper work into something a bit larger. I am happy to say I have begun on this 5′ tall endeavor!

Centered large step 22

All of the images are taken from the backside (working side). Typically I flip the piece I am working on over many times to see how it is coming along. With something this size though, that won’t really happen until I feel like I am close to done with the piercing.

Centered detail roots step 2

Color will also be added eventually.

Centered 1 large

Step one

Centered detail step 1

Found My Way Back

~1.5" x 9" Watercolor on pierced paper

~1.5″ x 9″ Watercolor on pierced paper

After a lot of time on the road and weeks of being away from my studio, it was great to find my way back to art! Today I worked on a small-scale pierced paper piece. I’ve been itching to begin creating work in this medium again, so it was nice to play around a bit.
My goal is to create something similar to this piece, but on a very large-scale. Perhaps 5′ tall.


Prior to color

Prior to color

Mask Done

~2.5' x 3' Pierced paper circles on ceramic mask

~2.5′ x 3′ Pierced paper circles on ceramic mask

A few posts back I lied. I said I was done with my mask, but the more I looked at the thing, the less I liked it. So I pulled it from the board it was on, added a tiny bit of blue, got rid of a bunch of the circles and am now much more pleased. I can finally deliver this thing! Phew. I thought I might never be done with it.

2000 Final for real mask side 2000 Final for real mask circles

Final Mask head

FoCoMOA Mask Complete (Basically)

42 x 36", Pierced paper covered ceramic mask, paper, wood

Nearly complete: 42 x 36″, Pierced paper covered ceramic mask, paper, wood

In arting up the mask I was given by FCMOA, I considered a person’s life experiences. Each individual act or event is represented by a pierced paper circle. The circles coalesce at the face and begin to drift out, telling the story of one’s life.

Work in Progress: Mask FoCoMOA

~12 x 7.5" Pierced paper on fired mask

~12 x 7.5″ Pierced paper on fired mask

I’ve decided to take part in the Masks fundraiser hosted by The Fort Collins Museum of Art. This is my first year participating in the event and initially I was a bit perplexed as to what I planned to do with the thing. Thinking more and more that I should experiment with manipulating my pierced paper pieces though, I decided the mask seemed like a great place to try something a bit different. The piece is not yet finished and is a smidge slow going, but it’s giving me some insight as to how I might move forward with the pierced works.

pieces 2

Mask 2 closer Mask 1 Mask 1 close