Work in Progress: Mask

mASK 4

7.5 x 26″ pierced paper on fired mask

I’m nearing the finish on arting up the mask I was given for FCMOA’s Mask fundraiser!  I’m going to need to figure out a good system for supporting the circles morphing off of the head, but I think I’m going to be pretty pleased with it when done.


mASK 4 detail

mASK 3

~12 x 7.5" Pierced paper on fired mask

~12 x 7.5″ Pierced paper on fired mask

Mask 1

4 thoughts on “Work in Progress: Mask

  1. I don’t know your true intentions, but, to me, this seems like a really cool portrayal of a creative mind with vivid thoughts exploding into the world. I love it! Maybe I need to make that drive North along with some charitable cash …

  2. Wow, thank you! I’ll post the completed piece soon and explain my thoughts – but I’m loving your interpretation. Fort Collins is nice in April ( or maybe May?) I’m not sure what the date for the auction is…

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