Arting 365 Day 6: Juice – Beets & Blueberries

Day 6: Juices - Beets & Blueberries

Deeply pigmented liquids like wine, beet juice, etc. are horrible as stains on your favorite shirt but they do a lovely job when used for painting. A long while back I had poured beet and blueberry juice over a canvas and proceeded to do nothing with it. (I used the canned blueberry juice from those box muffin mixes. It has a nice purple color and the other perk is I got to eat some batter.) As I pulled out the canvas yesterday I was reminded of how much I enjoyed this process. I really liked the lack of control over where the juice chose to migrate. And the burgundy and deep purple, even as it has faded some, was still quite nice. I used the flowing design as a base to build up color resulting in day six’s project.