Arting for 365 Day 13: Coaster Whimsy

Day 13: WhimsyGoal: To create a work of art each day for 365 consecutive days

There are days in all of our lives which are filled with tedium. For me, yesterday was one of those days. I anticipated dedicating a few hours to some computer-y type stuff (the tedium) and maybe another hour to an editing project. But as five o’clock rolled around I found I had sat bug eyed at the computer for way too long. Therefore I decided I needed to work on something that was bright, fun, and whimsical.

I pulled out some brown Sierra Nevada coasters we had laying around and proceeded to apply acrylic paints to them. Next I whipped out my trusty ink pen and began drawing. Initially I created more elaborate and intricate designs but I quickly decided that was the wrong road to take. Instead I aimed to keep the design and colors extremely simple. I used the existing coaster design and painted shapes to lead the way. The results are light-hearted and simple. -Just what I needed after a long day. Well that, and a beer of course.

Whimsy Hut DetailWhimsy Big Fish Little Fish DetailWhimsy Clothesline Detail





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Day 12 of Arting for 365: Cells and Such

Day 12: Cells & SuchGoal: To create one work of art for 365 consecutive days in a row

I’m currently reading James A. Michener’s Hawaii which was suggested to me by my mom. As she described the book, I wasn’t real sure it was going to be something I’d be into, but it has been. Two nights ago I got to the 663-ish page range (this is a long book) -the point when the bubonic plague visits the islands. This got me thinking about the horrible disease. I wanted to see what the bacteria look like that causes it.  As I came across pictures it dawned on me that bacteria and cells at the microscopic level are always so lovely. You could be looking at examples of the most dreadful diseases or bacteria or who knows what and they always seem beautiful. I have a friend, in fact who framed a few gorgeous cell pictures for her house. Cells & Such Detail

I decided I’d do my own version of cells and bacteria using watercolor and ink. The 11″ x 15″ painting is not a specific representation of any particular cell or bacteria – just some imaginings of them.

Arting 365 Day 8: Time

Goal: To create one work of art each day for 365 days in a row

FoDay 8: Timer more than a little while -about three years, actually- I have been meaning to take pictures of two ink drawings, which I finally got around to yesterday. As I was taking the glass out of one frame in order to get a reflection free image, the construction paper I had used to temporarily back the work fell out. A once black piece of paper was now showing its age where the sun had bleached perfect rectangles and straight lines. It was lovely and it beckoned to be used in day eight’s project.

I painted a 22.5″ x 16″ canvas, applied acrylic coat to the paper and began painting and adding other cut paper. The geometric imagery at the bottom was much busier initially, which was really distracting, so I painted a good deal of it away. As for the color, a brown palette is not one I’m real chummy with, but I wanted to keep the bleached paper basically unchanged so thought I’d give it a whirl.

Arting 365 Day 6: Juice – Beets & Blueberries

Day 6: Juices - Beets & Blueberries

Deeply pigmented liquids like wine, beet juice, etc. are horrible as stains on your favorite shirt but they do a lovely job when used for painting. A long while back I had poured beet and blueberry juice over a canvas and proceeded to do nothing with it. (I used the canned blueberry juice from those box muffin mixes. It has a nice purple color and the other perk is I got to eat some batter.) As I pulled out the canvas yesterday I was reminded of how much I enjoyed this process. I really liked the lack of control over where the juice chose to migrate. And the burgundy and deep purple, even as it has faded some, was still quite nice. I used the flowing design as a base to build up color resulting in day six’s project.

Day 1: Eggs & an Elephant

Now that unemployment and I have gotten to be such close friends, “What am I going to do with my life?” is a question that frequently interrupts my thoughts.  And while I have come to no clear conclusion, it seems that making stuff should definitely be a part of the equation. What better way to commit to this vague goal than by creating something every day.

My first official day of this endeavor was yesterday (4/29/12). Inspired by the shapes within and moldability (my made up word) of an egg carton, I created this geometric elephant head. He’s about 15″ x 11″, painted acrylic.

Let the making stuff begin!

Elephant Day 1