Arting for 365 Day 136: Flying Instead

Day 136 (9/11/12: Pretended They Could Fly

9 x 12″ Ink on paper

How many were late to work?

How many had just earned a promotion?

How many wished they were home with their brand new baby? New husband? New dog?

How many had left the building because their asshole boss had made them pick up their dry cleaning?

How many loved their jobs?

How many were having sex in the janitors closet?

How many had taken the week off for a much needed vacation?

How many had just earned a promotion?

How many were on their third cup of coffee?

How many had a crush on their co-worker or boss?

How many were planning a great date for that night?

How many were wondering how many cupcakes to order for their son’s birthday party?

How many were talking to the co-worker who also happened to be a best friend when the devastation happened?

And how many, as the buildings began to fall, chose to pretend they were kids again and could fly?