Arting for 365 Day 202: Identity


~3 x 5 ink om paper

Goal: To create 0ne piece of art each day for 365 consecutive days

Unusual to say the least, but certainly all his own. Most who looked upon his oddly shaped auricles judged them to be far and away his best feature.

Sure there were the few who smirked and held their noses high. Even they though, could not deny the impression left upon gazing at such peculiar lobes.

Arting for 365 Day 182: Growing Downward

Day 182 (10/27/12): Growing Quickly Down

8.5 x 11″ ink on paper

Goal: To create one piece of art each day for 365 consecutive days

She was climbing the corporate ladder and found the higher up she got, the more wobbly it became.

Mid-climb, as she reached for the next rung, it dawned on her that perhaps she should have grown downward as well. Established roots to help ground this shaky apparatus.

She looked down, then looked back up and continued climbing.

Arting for 365 Day 134: An Odd Character

Day 134 (9/9/12): An Odd Character
7.5 x 8″ Watercolor and ink on paper

Goal: To create one piece of art each day for 365 consecutive days

He was not ordinary. He did not wear trendy clothes, nor speak the local vernacular – in fact he rarely spoke. His most favored company was his own and his spectacular ability to be wholly unaware of those around him made him appear rude and out of touch.

But if one could follow in his footsteps for just a day, they would soon see he was not out of touch. Simply out of place.

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Arting for 365 Day 133: Drown Your Sorrows

Day 133 (9/8/12): Drown Your SorrowsGoal: To create one piece of art each day for 365 consecutive days

From an outsider’s perspective it was a bit silly. Silly because, by nature, he was quite happy, with very few sorrows. Beyond that the otter lived in the water, so the idea of drowning anything was in itself ridiculous. Eaten by a predator, perhaps, but never drowning. Yet here he was finishing off another drink.

The truth of the matter was the otter felt out of touch. He’d always been baffled as to why anyone would drink themselves into oblivion and decided it was high time to see.

Initially the experiment was a lot of fun. The lightheaded, carefree feeling he had, paired with the spinning clouds above were nothing if not enjoyable. But now, after having finished a bottle of Chateau le’ Pond Beaver and quickly polishing off a few bottles of beer, he was not so happy with his decision.

“This is a reason I swim instead of drown,” he thought.

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Arting for 365 Day 120: Dogmatic

Day 120 (8/26/12): Dogmatic

7 x 9.5″ Ink on paper

He’d had enough of the fervent outbursts and daily monologues. As a pet, Flash was his owner’s sole audience. And there was only so much of the endless, irrational commentaries on life and politics he could tolerate.

He had attempted to bury his head under pillows in order to drown out the sound, but in the middle of summer that can be hot. He’d feigned sleeping, but that didn’t seem to stop things either.

Even his last attempt – clever as it was – to communicate his feelings was ignored.

Flash sighed and thought, “You can’t choose your owner.”

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Arting for 365 Day 111: All Natural Approach

Day 111 8/17/12): Holistic ApproachGoal: To create one piece of art each day for 365 consecutive days

The tooth had been giving him fits for days now. He’d tried some herbal remedies and ointments but they just weren’t cutting it. After reading up on the issue in Everyday Health Questions Answered; A Guide to Holistic Healing, the progressive lion determined the tooth must go.

While he couldn’t say he was thrilled with the idea of removing his canine, he did feel oddly pleased with his recent choice to switch to a vegan diet – a justification of sorts. As his tooth was being pulled he reflected that, without a doubt, this all natural approach to life was really the best thing he could do for himself – the king of the jungle.
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Arting for 365 Day 105: Targets

Day 105 (8/12/12)

10 x 20″ Acrylic on canvas

Goal: To create one piece of art each day for 365 consecutive days

She’d never been a particularly great shot. She blamed this partly on the fact that she never knew what she was aiming for.

This time, though, the girl had spotted her target in the distance and was ready to settle in and take aim – confident of nailing the bulls eye, dead on.

But as it came time to shoot, she found her confidence lagging. Her singular target now presented itself as many. And to top it off, the bulls eyes seemed to be moving. With a sigh and a shrug she considered the positive fact that at least with many moving targets there ought to be a chance of hitting something. nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnm

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Arting for 365 Day 102: Go With the Flow

Day 102 (8/8/12): Go With the FlowGoal: To create one piece of art each day for 365 consecutive days

“Go with the flow,” they had said. So he hopped in his rowboat and waited for a tide. But ponds in the middle of a suburb offer little in the way of waves. He sat at the ready – alert to inspiration. Somehow, though, he couldn’t shake the sense that such a tactic may not garner the grandest results.

Original piece and print available for purchase

Day 102: Go With the Flow Rhino DetailOriginal piece and prints available for purchase

Arting for 365 Day 53: Paperclip Music

Day 53 (6/20/12): Paperclip Music

5 x 7″ yupo paper

He’d seen all sorts of things made from paperclips – the breadth of which rarely went beyond diffusing bombs – but he had never seen anything quite like this.

The giant clip had been transformed into a musical instrument. Blanketing the atmosphere with F sharps and E flat minors, it stopped the average man dead in his tracks. Its melodies streaming, the old clip would never be looked at the same.

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