Arting for 365 Day 316: Not Amused

Day 316, 5 x7" ink on paper (color added in photoshop)

Day 316, 5 x7″ ink on paper (color added in photoshop)

Goal: To create one piece of art each day for 365 consecutive days

“Humor them,” directed the sweet woman to the cantankerous man sitting before her.

He glanced up from his morning paper with a hmmpf, then lowered his old round head and continued reading. He would have no part of childish shenanigans.

But she knew better.

Later the children squealed and giggled at what they had created. The old man played his role, looking far from amused.

Arting for 365 Day 255: Not Your Ordinary Valentines Cards

1/8/12Goal: To create one piece of art each day for 365 consecutive days

I’d decided awhile ago that it might be fun to make some Valentines cards. Typically I wait until the week of Valentines Day to start creating, because that is typically about the time I start thinking about it. But the boyfriend has kindly reminded me that it might be wise to start these sorts of things sooner. Apparently some people actually get a gift prior to the day before Valentines Day, and so I might want to be prepared. Yesterday, I decided it was time to follow through on his advice.

My aim was to create cards that were a bit off the beaten path and to also have fun with the things. I feel like I achieved both goals. The lettering isn’t perfect, but somehow that doesn’t bother me at all. It lets you know the cards were hand-crafted. I also like that the imagery and messaging runs from slightly sappy to funny.

If you’re in need of a Valentines card, I’m going to make prints of the designs and sell the cards in my studio and on Etsy. (If you’re near by and want to buy a few, contact me so we can avoid shipping costs).  Enjoy!

Day 255 Happy Heart

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