Bird on Sled

Acrylic and ink on canvas

Acrylic and ink on canvas

Unlike other adventures the bird had recently embarked on, the work lay less in the activity itself, and more in the getting to it. She would admit that sledding mostly scared her. It was a bit of a game of chance – marked by a vague ability to control direction, speed or, for that matter, stopping. And yet the bird repeated the climb again and again, feeling the reward of the rush, was well worth the effort.

Bird on Sled Head

Bird on Sled Sled

Bird on Sled 2

Bird on Sled 1

Yard Work: Bird on Bike

18 x 30" Acrylic and ink on canvas

18 x 30″ Acrylic and ink on canvas

It was not because she fancied a tidy yard that she gathered the gold and auburn leaves. In fact, she often biked them around for days after collecting them – returning home with the same full wagon she had begun with. The bird toted the wagon load because it made her happy. She liked being able to take with her the sound and the color and the smell of the crisp fall gems.

Yard Work Detail Final

Mobile Home

10.25 x 24.5" Acrylic and ink on board

10.25 x 24.5″ Acrylic and ink on board

Take off and landing were a bit tricky, but well worth it, she thought. The freedom of the open skies and ability to make anywhere her destination was incredibly fulfilling. Not to mention the fact that the little ones must be getting a feel for riding. As she pedaled through the bright blue sky, she looked about and wondered what flight of fancy awaited her next.
Mobile Home BirdMobile Home Nest