Habitat Painting Two: Board and Skate

First step of the boarder/skater paintings

First step of the boarder/skater paintings

I’ve started in on my second Habitat painting. This one’s for the kids. The challenge: Combine snowboarding, skating, and a bear in a painting that a 17 year old boy and a 12 year old girl will enjoy. The even bigger challenge: How to do this without it feeling contrived.
I’ve sketched out my idea and am pretty pleased with the decision to incorporate the ice skater on the base of the board. I plan to keep the background pretty bright, simple and clean.
Let’s hope they like the initial sketch!

snow boarder with skater

4 thoughts on “Habitat Painting Two: Board and Skate

  1. Great question! The snow boarder will end up being a bear. I’m shocked that you couldn’t tell from the few, sloppy marks I used to make the face;)

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