Not Christmas Tile Painting

6 x 6" Tile paint on ceramic tile

6 x 6″ Tile paint on ceramic tile

If you recall, about a month back I mentioned how proud of myself I was for beginning to make Christmas-themed art stuff for a sale I have coming up December 7th and 8th. The results of my attempts were less than phenomenal, but I assured myself I would feel the holiday spirit in me as the date got closer. Who was I kidding?

seuss bloom

I have always stuck to my guns in believing one does not gear up for the Santa Claus holiday until the Turkey holiday has passed. My Christmas inspiration has been nowhere to be found. I’ve decided to work on things that would make great art gifts instead. These tiles (which will become trivets) are the result. I painted the elephant for a friend and it may or  may not be finished – I haven’t decided if color should be added or not. Thoughts anyone?   Peacock Buds in White Elephant in progress

For those of you who think painting tiles or ceramics of any sort sounds like fun, these are the paints I use.

Day 244 Paint

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