A Not-For-My-Birthday Microscope

Work in progress inspired cells microscope slide

Work in progress inspired by motor neurous cell

The boyfriend has always contended that he “does not do gifts” for birthdays, Christmas – any special occasion, actually. Instead, he buys gifts if he sees something that is just perfect for a person. So when a package arrived for me this weekend – a few days before my turning 36 – I was assured that it was “not for my birthday.” Coincidentally, I have been told this same thing around this very same time for the past few years. The package contained a microscope! Today I began a painting based on the motor neurous slide I looked at. I love my not-a-birthday-present, present!

Motor Neurous Cell

Motor Neurous Cell


4 thoughts on “A Not-For-My-Birthday Microscope

  1. Happy Birthday Micah! That microscope seems like a wonderful non-birthday gift, especially since it has already inspired you to create new works. For your birthday, I wish you many more inspired moments, which you can artistically translate as you wish!//mm

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