Lunar Impact on Foraging Adapted

~12 x 24", acrylic and pierced paper on wood panel

~12 x 24″, acrylic and pierced paper on wood panel

A few months back I created a pierced paper piece based on a story I heard regarding the relationship between the moon’s cycle and eggs hatching. I liked the piece, but the paper was a dull, brownish-grey and it always seemed a bit drab. I decided I’d add some acrylic paint and turn it into something I was more excited about. This not-at-all drab piece is the result. I haven’t determined if I am going to keep the central pierced paper as-is or add a bit of blue, but overall I’m happy with it.

Moon Cycles & hatching detail

8 thoughts on “Lunar Impact on Foraging Adapted

  1. Oh my, this is REALLY nice! As a first impression, I thought of the obelisk in 2001, but this time it was floating on the ocean with the unexplainably green sky. OK, my description works less than 0.01% as well as your creation, but it adds up to, “OH … MY … THAT … ROCKS!”

  2. I’ve got to store it at a coffee shop here in about a month. After that though, that guy might need to store it for me.

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