Dave and His Goats: An Unexpected Portrait

~16 x 20" Acrylic on canvas

~16 x 20″ Acrylic on canvas

I finally finished up what I have decided is the most non-traditional, traditional portrait I have ever done (not that I do a ton of portraits, but nonetheless.) After much contemplation I opted to stick with the flat, primary colored background. It feels unexpected and a bit uncomfortable to me, which I really like. I’m hoping Dave will like the choice as well. I also chose to include another goat in the piece. His placement and cropping makes it appear as though he kind of walked in, in the middle of the painting. The piece feels pretty unique in both subject matter and approach, which always makes me happy.

Dave FinalGoats Final

8 thoughts on “Dave and His Goats: An Unexpected Portrait

  1. I like the solid yet varied background, and the man and the goats are so well done, I love it! The addition of the second goat (3rd object) in the painting, completes it ever so perfectly. Congratulations and well done in this humble newbie’s opinion =) Good weekend to you and thank you for sharing your work

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