Repetative Patterns and an Art Festival

Sketchbook Page

Sketchbook Page

As a person who rarely participates in showing work at arts festivals, I find the culture of artists who do frequently take part in these events to be fascinating. Like gypsies in a traveling show, these artists take on the art fair circuit as pros. They put up their walls and wares with ease, knowing to the minute, exactly how long set-up will take. They have fancy lights that will always work – even when a venue provides no light because they carry their own car battery for power. These artists’ cars have shelves and slots specially crafted to store their wares in the most effective manner. And they have mapped out their routes for the next 10 shows on their list. They are good.

They are also good people. They talk excitedly with festival goers about their work and are generous with sharing advice and even supplies with the girl who rarely does these things. I can’t imagine doing a show every weekend for three months straight, but these folks conquer the circuit like kings.

June 30 Crosshatch Sketch

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