One Old and One New

Sketchbook page "colored" in Photoshop

Sketchbook page “colored” in Photoshop

A few Friday’s ago was the First Friday Gallery walk here in lovely Fort Collins. We at PSA  held our Bike Art exhibit and the Gallery folks once again did a great job of hanging the show – but there was a slight (but great) mix up. For the exhibit I entered two pieces: Bird on Bike and Birds Flying Bike. Bird on Bike sold before the show went up, but the “sold” indicator accidentally ended up on the wrong piece. My Bird on Bike was accidentally sold twice. Initially I felt bad, but I offered to paint the nice folks another, which they seemed thrilled with. For the last few days I have been doing just that. I took a few minutes at the end of the day to also do a quick sketch for  good measure.

Bird on Bike AGain

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