Geometric Work in Progress for Tech Guy’s Office

Work in Progress Geometric Techhorizontal

18 x 36″ Acrylic on canvas

The company that the boyfriend works for just moved into a new office. He was told he must have art on his walls – which is a direct order I can get behind! The boyfriend requested a geometric piece similar to something I made a few years back. This piece will adorn the boring wall above his computer when I am done.

8 thoughts on “Geometric Work in Progress for Tech Guy’s Office

  1. really love the background patterns.. the whole piece.. is techy :P How awesome that a workplace would ‘require’ art… liking that too… have a good weekend ~Scott

  2. It is a great requirement! I think it should come together in a techy-manner when I’m done. You have a good weekend too, Scott!

  3. I began to follow your work the other day because I was amazed by your talent. Your work is very inspiring to me because I have always admired graphic beauty, but never had that gift myself. My small gift is to be able to craft in the literary arts, though I am sure it is not as good as it could be. I enjoy seeing an artists expression, and loving what he does. May you always find the gift and enjoy the moments you create.


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