Reminiscing and Abstracting

11 x 14" Ink and watercolor on paper

11 x 14″ Ink and watercolor on paper

This weekend my mom gave me two postcards and a letter that I had written to my grandma while living in Poland my senior year of high school. Mom had found them while sorting through my grandma’s stuff after she passed away this past winter. The letters were nothing very exciting – pretty everyday even. In them I told her about plans I had and what I had been up to and let her know I missed her.

I think reading those old letters made me think about the painting I did for my grandma a long time ago, that I recently added ink to. I pulled the piece out again. While it wasn’t as bad as it started, it still wasn’t great and it definitely needed some more attention. I think I can safely say it is done now and I am very happy with it.

13 thoughts on “Reminiscing and Abstracting

  1. Thank you! It is always so interesting to see how things in life end up influencing us/our art.

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