Sketching With Family

May 26 Sketchbook Page small

Ink on paper (sketchbook)

It’s been a fun-filled weekend spent with family. We’ve planted flowers, hiked, jogged – it’s been an all around good time. The card game Pinochle has also been played quite a bit around here. My family has always been pretty gung-ho about the game, while I, on the other hand, have not.  This works out just fine though, as I get some good chunks of  time to sketch while they are busy bidding and trumping across the room.

On another note, today happens to be my parents 45th anniversary! Amazing.

8 thoughts on “Sketching With Family

  1. Sounds like a great time! I love the ink sketch you’ve done here, awesome patterns. 45 years! That’s awesome :)

  2. That sounds like tons of fun! Hiking is such a great family experience. Congrats to your parents!

  3. There’s melty faces in your drawing! Or melty faces in my brain. Or just excessive imagination. Whatever … I like the sparsity and flow which, to me, meshes perfectly with a family weekend spent switching fluidly from engagement to observation.

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