Adding Some Color to a Black and White World

Color added to original 11 x 14" drawing in Photoshop

Color added to original 11 x 14″ drawing in Photoshop

“Go with the flow,” they had said. So he hopped in his rowboat and waited for a tide. But ponds in the middle of suburbia offer little in the way of waves. He sat at the ready – alert to inspiration. Somehow, though, he couldn’t shake the sense that such a tactic may not garner the grandest results.

All Natural Approach color copy

The tooth had been giving him fits for days now. He’d tried some herbal remedies and ointments but they just weren’t cutting it. After reading up on the issue in Everyday Health Questions Answered; A Guide to Holistic Healing, the progressive lion determined the tooth must go.

While he couldn’t say he was thrilled with the idea of removing his canine, he did feel oddly pleased with his recent choice to switch to a vegan diet – a justification of sorts. As his tooth was being pulled he reflected that, without a doubt, this all natural approach to life was really the best thing he could do for himself.
I drew the original black and white images clear back in July. You can see the rhino here and the lion here.  Today I took the time to add color to the saved images in Photoshop. The results make me smile. I hope you enjoyed!

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