Red Sketchbook


I bought myself a wonderful gift. A reward of sorts for finishing my 365 days of arting and blogging.

She’s perfect. Red and hard bound with pages that lay flat. Her paper is heavy, keeping the stories drawn or painted on one page secret from those to be told on another. She’s small enough to hold easily, but not so small as to fall off of a lap if that is where drawing should take place.  She has an elastic cord that closes her cover tightly, keeping safe the pages inside.

She does not have a name yet. Certainly someday she will. And when I call it out or ask for an opinion on a line or a color or the state of the world, her pages will flicker in response.

Sketchbok page 1


16 thoughts on “Red Sketchbook

  1. So great that you bought yourself one too! As long as you enjoy it, it is never defacing.

  2. Hmmm. Corah, eh? I’ll have to think on that… Whatever I name her, I feel her nickname will be Red.

  3. Thank you, Elena! I sometimes think a sketchbook allows for a bit more freedom, which should be nice.

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