Elephant Editions

11 x 14, Block print on Magazine paper

11 x 14, Block print on Magazine paper

Yesterday I began pulling out older work to hang on my studio walls, since many of my paintings are currently hanging out in Twin Falls, ID. As I sifted through the days upon days of  art that had accumulated I came upon some elephant prints that I had done early on. I was reminded how fun a process carving the rubbery material was and how much I enjoyed the end result. I pulled out a bunch of paper and a canvas and decided I would create more editions. I collaged paper using an an old magazine for one edition, created a watercolor for another, cut up a work that I have never really been fond of, and lastly painted a canvas as a backdrop for the final print.

It was as much fun this round as it was the first!

Day 369 soft watercolor Elephant Print Day 369 Elephant Prints Day 369 blue pierced paper Elephant Print

6 thoughts on “Elephant Editions

  1. Thank you! It’s nice to take a piece that I didn’t necessarily love the first go round and re-use it in a better way (like blue stripe one).

  2. Thanks, Ian! Just the opposite, actually. It touts the benefits of using the Bausch & Lomb Hunting scope.

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