Arting for 365 Dat 357: Lured to Chase His Tail

Day 357, ~5 x 7" watercolor and ink on paper

Day 357, ~5 x 7″ watercolor and ink on paper

Goal: To create one piece if art each day for 365 consecutive days

The smartest fish in the sea he was not, but that never did bother him – or anyone else for that matter. His happy-go-lucky demeanor and ability to be easily entertained made him a joy to be around.

The day the easy-going swimmer got his fin caught on a lure might have been a bad one for any other fish, but proved to be an exciting turn of events for him. Rather than fuss and moan about the predicament, he approached the bobbly red adornment as something he could chase after for hours. And that he did.

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