Arting for 365 Day 347: Softly Dropping

Day 347, 10 x 18" acrylic, ink and pierced paper on canvas

Day 347, 10 x 18″ acrylic, ink and pierced paper on canvas

Goal: To create one piece of art each day for 365 consecutive days

As some of you who have been following this blog know, I’ve done quite a bit of experimenting with pierced paper. Yesterday I decided it was high time to approach the technique in a new way – combining it with paint and ink on canvas. I wanted to keep the subtle quality that goes hand in hand with the white pierced paper, so opted for a soft, muted color palette. Adding ink to the circles, though, creates a bit of contrast, which I think is nice.

I feel like I’m on to something with this combination, but have a lot more exploring to do. Brighter colors, more ink, more pierced paper – all are options I need to investigate.

Day 347 Dropping Softly full

12 thoughts on “Arting for 365 Day 347: Softly Dropping

  1. I absolutely agree you’re on to something — something really cool. I can’t offer you suggestions, but I can offer impressions. Naturally, your vision matters more than my impression.

    From the larger photo, the paper strip looks a little like a bandage with it’s relative lack of color, texture, somewhat ragged edge, and placement in line with other linear elements. In the closeup, the paper/canvas texture contrast is cool as is the extra dimension implied by the paper. The other whiteish vertical elements echo the paper a little like reverb is an echo of sound.

  2. I know! Crazy. Well, I’m still going to create everyday, but I plan to cut back on the blogging – perhaps two-three times/wk instead.

  3. Great feedback, thank you! I was thinking about how each medium and element would play off of the others. I haven’t decided if keeping the paper white is the way to go or not. I suppose my feelings on that will vary with each piece. Completely unrelated; is there a way to follow your blog without subscribing to it via email? It’s not that I couldn’t subscribe via email – and I will if I need to. I just like jumping on my reader deal-io.

  4. Maybe. In the reader, choose “Blogs I Follow”. From there choose “edit” (to the right). In the box that appears near the top, enter my blog URL:

    I think that works without the email thingie.

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