Arting for 365 Day 326: Detail of a Sand Dollar

Day 326, 5 x 7" pierced paper

Day 326, 5 x 7″ pierced paper

Goal: To create one piece of art each day for 365 consecutive days

I didn’t stop to think that creating an up-close image of a sand dollar might resemble a flower more than the sea creature. About a quarter of the way through finishing it, I certainly did though. Nonetheless, I do love the texture. It also got me thinking about ways I might juxtapose high detail imagery such as this, with areas of starkness.

You can buy this piece!

Day 326 Sand Dollar head on

9 thoughts on “Arting for 365 Day 326: Detail of a Sand Dollar

  1. Thank you so much, Anne! I feel like the technique has potential for some really interesting things. Much more exploration is needed still though:)

  2. Not at all silly! I’ve had a few conversations with people saying something very similar. I would love feedback from someone who is blind to learn what they might ‘see’.

  3. Thank you, Anna. I haven’t held a sand dollar for ages… This one was created by referencing a photo. Having the real thing here would have been nice.

  4. I love that you’ve poked from both sides so some holes are raised and others aren’t (does that make sense?). It gives it a great sense of depth! I’m a writer, not an artist, but I might have to give this technique a try on a day off…

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