Arting for 365 Day 250: For Someone’s Bold Kitchen

Paint on tiles

Paint on tiles

Goal: To create one piece of art each day for 365 consecutive days

Another day, another chance to paint on tiles. After deciding the grasshopper tiles I painted the other day would be fun as part of a backsplash, I began thinking more broadly on the subject. I envisioned filling all of the wall between the cabinets and counter with colorful tiles. It would be one of a kind – really cool and vibrant. Nothing realistic, just non-representational patterns and design mixed and matched.

Because I’m still getting used to my tile paints, I thought I’d start with a small batch and see how they turn out prior to jumping in on a big bunch. Using blues, teals and orange (sorry, no matter how much I edit, I cannot seem to show the orange as it is in real life) I came up with this bold design. It is wild and fun, but probably a wee bit too busy for our tiny space. A monochromatic design might work better for us. But for some bold personality, in some fabulous kitchen somewhere, these happy tiles would thrive.

Day 250 Detail 1 Day 250 Detail 3 Day 250 Detail 2

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