Arting for 365 Day 235: Fun Owl Mural

Day 235 Wall 1 with Floor

Goal: To create one piece of work each day for 365 consecutive days

Some friends of ours are due to have a baby in about a week. So over the last few days I whipped up a mural for them. They’ve decided on an owl theme and have lots of fun owl accessories that I drew inspiration from to create these guys. Initially I had planned to incorporate more design within the owls, but because there is quite a bit of fun stuff already going on in the room, I decided to keep them a bit less busy and more simple.

I started by using samples of regular wall paint. But by the time today rolled around, I realized using my own acrylics gave me far better results in the color department AND they dried much more quickly.

I’m happy with the whimsical result and I’m hoping they are too!

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