Day 215: It All Comes Together

Day 215: It All Comes Together

Goal: To create one piece of art each day for 365 consecutive days

Don’t you love those times when things somehow end up working themselves out and come together in perfect harmony? Yesterday happened to be one of those days for me. Here are a few highlights from a great day:

1. I got a ton done for an art sale I’m taking part in this weekend. This includes making appetizers for the event. Normally I would overestimate my time, proceed to run out of time, and end up with a lame something or another. Instead, I ended up with stuffed figs – fancy, I know.

2. I interviewed and was given the go ahead for studio space at Poudre Studio Artists. This is HUGE news as I now have a place to work again!

Side note: Because I have a place to work, I will no longer be hanging out at the KOA during the day. This is a plus and a minus: Really have come to enjoy some of the KOA folks, especially employee Bob; and hanging out with Box the cat. But there is also a creepy guy there who I’ll be happy to avoid.

3. Had an awesome date day breakfast with the boyfriend at Ever Open Cafe (hours of operation 6am – 10pm) AND got to enjoy a few beers with him after work (courtesy of the boyfriend)

Yep, all in all a pretty sweet day and this little drawing is my expression of it.

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