Arting for 365 Day 172: In Gold We Move Along

I’ve been lucky enough to have some really incredible bosses over the years. So a few days ago when my former boss, and all around great lady, called to see if I’d be willing to head to Crested Butte to help her son out with his clinic, I was more than happy to do so.

I spent much of yesterday packing – both my suitcase and bins to take over to Gertie. As some of you may recall, Gertie is our new/used RV that we will be well on our way to being moved into upon my return.

As I loaded up clothes, I realized my mess of art supplies should also probably be organized, at least to some extent, to make moving a bit easier.  As I sifted through odds and ends I came across some textured, gold paper. The paper is a bit over the top and actually reminds me of a prom dress my sister had in high school (early 90s). I decided the textured find would be perfect to use for day 172’s piece.

I was able to wind down and have a lot of fun creating these two pieces before heading off for my new adventure high in the Rocky Mountains.

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