Arting for 365 Day 168: Stinger

Day 168 (10/13/12): StingerGoal: To create one piece of art each day for 365 consecutive days

Lately I’ve been uploading my original drawings and messing around with them in Photoshop. I don’t typically plant myself in front of a computer when making art. As a matter of fact, it is the farthest thing from how I prefer to create. So I’m not sure why I thought this sounded like a good idea – perhaps it was my subconscious telling me I better figure out an art that can be done in our tiny new RV space. At any rate, this has been a new adventure for me and I’m shocked to admit I’ve enjoyed it.

The process does take MUCH longer as I am not yet a whiz when it comes to drawing with a stylus and tablet (I’ve got a little Wacom). It takes some getting used to – drawing onto something whose marks are only seen on the computer screen. But because the new skill has yet to come easy for me, it pushes my brain a bit – which is always good. The other super thing about creating this way is that Photoshop allows me to create layers. This means that once I have finished up the painting – putting each color on a separate layer, I am basically magic in my ability to easily change those colors as I like.

This is probably as close to embracing technology when making art as I get.

3 x 5″ Original Drawing

2 thoughts on “Arting for 365 Day 168: Stinger

  1. I’ve been trying to figure out how I can ‘scrapbook’ in the RV as I usually like to spread out and use lots of table (s) space. Enjoy your challenge and beautiful art!

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