Arting for 365 Day 150: Squirrel’s Guide to Attacking Humans

Day 150 (9/25/12): Squirrel's Guide to Attacking Humans

5 x 7″ Ink and watercolor on paper

Goal: To create one piece of art each day for 365 consecutive days

Within the past two months or so, for some unknown reason, I have developed a slight fear of squirrels. This is a bit embarrassing for me to admit, as up until that time I found them to be much as I find the rest of the neighborhood animal kingdom – adorable and harmless.

When walking or jogging past them I worry they think I am scheming to steal their acorns. Because I feel rather certain that this is on their minds, my fear is they will turn to chase me in attempt to defend their coveted food. I am working hard to shake this ridiculous fear and even tried to sweet talk a baby squirrel out of the apartment hallway the other day – even though I was pretty certain the mom was probably close by, ready to pounce.

I’m confident that I will once again love the fluffy tailed rodents. I will start by convincing myself that they do not have a shared list expressing the following:

  1. Look cute and cuddly
  1. Pretend to be preoccupied with food gathering and playing
  1. Let them get close
  1. AttackIf you like squirrel’s or maybe don’t like squirrel’s and so would like to buy this piece, you can do so here.

2 thoughts on “Arting for 365 Day 150: Squirrel’s Guide to Attacking Humans

  1. Squirrels can be a nuisance when they get into the house, as they turn everything upside down trying to find nuts.

    But they’re built for fleeing rather than fighting, so unless you snatch a squirrel baby you should probably be OK…

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