Arting for 365 Day 133: Drown Your Sorrows

Day 133 (9/8/12): Drown Your SorrowsGoal: To create one piece of art each day for 365 consecutive days

From an outsider’s perspective it was a bit silly. Silly because, by nature, he was quite happy, with very few sorrows. Beyond that the otter lived in the water, so the idea of drowning anything was in itself ridiculous. Eaten by a predator, perhaps, but never drowning. Yet here he was finishing off another drink.

The truth of the matter was the otter felt out of touch. He’d always been baffled as to why anyone would drink themselves into oblivion and decided it was high time to see.

Initially the experiment was a lot of fun. The lightheaded, carefree feeling he had, paired with the spinning clouds above were nothing if not enjoyable. But now, after having finished a bottle of Chateau le’ Pond Beaver and quickly polishing off a few bottles of beer, he was not so happy with his decision.

“This is a reason I swim instead of drown,” he thought.

Print of this otter is available for purchase. Please email me regarding purchase of the original.

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