Arting for 365 Day 121: Hoya

Day 121 (8/27/12): Hoya

11 x 14″ Ink, Hoya flowers and stems

Goal: To create one piece of art each day for 365 consecutive days

As some of you may know, we jetted (actually trucked) off to the mountains of Wyoming this past weekend for a wedding. Our friends Mary and Nathan were nice enough to let us stay at their house Friday night, which is always a treat.

Mary has a bit of a green thumb and so I often check out her plants. She has a crazy amount of them that all magically seem to be thriving. As I was looking at her collection of greenery, I noticed this amazing plant called a hoya. It had waxy green leaves and spectacular bundles of flowers that were attached to long penducles (stems).

One of the rounded bundles had died, but was still attached to the plant. Mary pulled the dead flowers and stems off and turned to me knowing this was something I could use. I was pretty excited about the new treasure, as was the boyfriend – “Thanks Mary, more trash.”

Yesterday I used the dried stems and flowers along with some ink to create a somewhat deconstructed version of the hoya. Enjoy!

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