Arting for 365 Day 93: Paths

Day 93 (7/30/12): Paths

20 x 36 (I think. Need to double check the height when I get back to the studio). Acrylic on canvas

It’s interesting to look back on life and all the things we’ve experienced and chosen to do. Sometimes the direction we take is well thought out and planned. Other times it is spontaneous as we roll with the punches and perks of life. In one step we move left, and in the next right. Some of us know where we are headed. Others of us are simply there to enjoy the ride.

Of the thousands of paths to choose from, somehow we all make our way.

Original work available for purchase.

10 thoughts on “Arting for 365 Day 93: Paths

  1. Beautiful.
    Are you aware that if you use so many tags the post is excluded from the tag stream, (though not the blogs-I-follow one)? I think the current limit is 12, don’t know if categories count too.

  2. Thank you! -On both the comment and the info. I had no idea. I think I’ll edit my tags right now.

  3. Wow! I love the piece, and the thoughts accompanying it. They mirror my thoughts about the directions life takes us.

  4. Thank you! (I have to give my mom credit for the last line. She brought it up in a conversation once.)
    Life is great. It is such an adventure to see where life takes us and where we take life.

  5. Thank you! Your comments always leave me feeling so good:)
    As for the circles. I hand draw them. It takes awhile,and believe me, I have thought about a stamp:) But doing them by hand allows me to vary the sizes and I enjoy that the circles are not quite perfect .

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