Arting for 365 Day 79: In Response to Whale Rider

Day 79 (7/16/12): Whale Rider

3.5 x 3.5″ Acrylic and ink on Sierra Nevada paper coasters

I have been told that routine is good for getting lots done. While this might be true, I’ve gotta say, some days Box (the cat) and I just need a change of pace. -A change of scenery or sound; something to break up our everyday routine. Day 79 was one of those days, so I decided I’d put on Whale Rider while I worked.

As I listened to the story, I found myself creating these lovely, seemingly simple, yet extremely detailed designs. The format of the pieces is small, 3.5 x 3.5”, but the bold colors and flow of the designs makes them feel full of energy.

In regards to the movie: I loved it, even though I found myself bawling (red, swollen nosed, snot dripping down kind of bawling). Box, on the other hand, lost interest in the movie immediately.

Click for larger images

Original coasters and printed versions available for purchase.

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