Arting for 365 Day 44: Stick Legged Elephant

Day 44 (6/11/12): Stick Legged Elephant

~8.5 x 11.5 Mixed media (print)

Goal: To create one work of art each day for 365 consecutive days

It is not very often that I get mad. I think most would even call me a laid back gal. There are exceptions to this, of course; such as with folks who are repeatedly rude, my interactions with computers that refuse to cooperate, and, it turns out, my dealings with a health insurance company who is raising my rates…again.

Day 44: Stick Legged Elephant Insurance

Text in this black & white print is the insurance letter I received informing me of my increase in rates.

Yesterday, after frustrating conversations with United Health and lengthy searches on the internet, I was mad. Lucky for me, the incident proved good fodder for day 44’s project. I quickly began to carve out an elephant with stick legs. The skinny structures seem useless other than as a means to prop the poor thing up. I have a myriad of ideas as to what I was trying to express while creating this piece, but I am more entertained by the boyfriend’s thoughts: “It looks like the elephant’s legs got run over by a lawnmower.” Sadly, he couldn’t afford the health insurance to fix them.

TurDay 44: Stick Legged Elephant Insurance Detailill need a little bit more in order to move things down a ways.I hope tahat works because it sure iwould be handeir than what is happening.

Day 44: Stick Legged Elephant Eggplant

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Day 44: Stick Legged Elephant Circles Detail

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