Arting for 365 Day 26: They Say I’m a Fruit

Day 26 (5/24/12): They Say I'm a FruitGoal: To create one work of art each day for 365 consecutive days

Yesterday, as I was munching on some delicious baby tomatoes given to us by friends, I looked closely at the little seeds that were dripping down from them. They reminded me of the fact that tomatoes are fruit, even though no one really considers them to be such.

I wondered if tomatoes, as well as some of those other non-fruit fruits, care that they are left out of tropical drinks. Do they all wish they were added as toppings on angel food cake or are they perfectly content being sandwiched between two pieces of bread and mixed with salads?

Day 25: They Say I'm a Fruit Detail 1Day 25: They Say I'm a Fruit Detail 2

6 x 5.25″

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