Day 14: Cranes and Seeds

Day 14: Cranes & Seeds

Goal: To create one work of art each day for 365 consecutive days (Woo-hoo! It’s been two weeks!)

Because I had enjoyed day ten‘s exploration of the leaf looking seed things so much (two semi-trustworthy people have informed me they are a type of maple seed), I thought I’d try my luck with them again. My approach this time around was two-fold: I wanted to see if the textured seeds would lend themselves well to a more intricate, detailed design and I also wanted to focus on a new way of displaying and arranging the work.

After coating each seed with clear acrylic I began drawing. The seeds weren’t super conducive to an intricate design – a few cranes and wings were thrown out as steady lines hit bumps that took them in unintended directions – but they weren’t terrible. I then cut out individual circles and incorporated color using a deep teal. I outlined each circle in black and mounted each tiny wing-like canvas to the circles. After playing with a few different arrangements I decided to string them up resulting in day 14’s project.

*Fun fact about whooping cranes: They mate for life. I chose to draw them after a conversation regarding life expectancy. If a crane’s life span doubled, I wonder if they would still mate for life?

Day 14: Cranes & Seeds 2Cranes & Seeds Wing Detail

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