Day 12 of Arting for 365: Cells and Such

Day 12: Cells & SuchGoal: To create one work of art for 365 consecutive days in a row

I’m currently reading James A. Michener’s Hawaii which was suggested to me by my mom. As she described the book, I wasn’t real sure it was going to be something I’d be into, but it has been. Two nights ago I got to the 663-ish page range (this is a long book) -the point when the bubonic plague visits the islands. This got me thinking about the horrible disease. I wanted to see what the bacteria look like that causes it.  As I came across pictures it dawned on me that bacteria and cells at the microscopic level are always so lovely. You could be looking at examples of the most dreadful diseases or bacteria or who knows what and they always seem beautiful. I have a friend, in fact who framed a few gorgeous cell pictures for her house. Cells & Such Detail

I decided I’d do my own version of cells and bacteria using watercolor and ink. The 11″ x 15″ painting is not a specific representation of any particular cell or bacteria – just some imaginings of them.

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